• Import
    • Reading and writing of greyscale DICOM, TIFF, PNG and BMP image formats
    • Reading of DICOMDIR files
    • Conversion of DICOM to PNG and TIFF formats
    • Conversion of PNG, TIFF and BMP formats to DICOM format
    • View and copy image information (e.g. DICOM header)
    • Import of RT Structures
  • Export
    • Save processed images
    • Open and save projects
    • Export mask volume as a 3D model (STL format) for e.g. 3D printing
  • Resize
    • Cropping of image size and number of slices
    • Reduction in volume size by removal of pixels and/or slices
    • Increase in volume size by interleaved interpolation, pixels and/or slices
  • Application of masks and functions to Transverse, Sagittal and Coronal views
  • Ability to process large image stacks (Transverse view)
  • Apply functions to all slices or a defined range
  • Creation of simple to complex and sophisticated masks using task driven methodology
  • Option to define multiple masks having different luminance (grey levels) and transparency
  • Mirror images and reverse order of slices
  • Transform display units (e.g. from arbitrary to Hounsfield units)

Pixel statistics

  • Live measurement of pixel statistics under the (circular) mouse cursor (sample size, min, max, mean, standard deviation).
  • Ability to define the size of the sample region (circle diameter).
  • Statistics of pixels under the masked area/volume
  • Sample pixel values under a line
  • Option to export raw sample data to the clipboard or a file

Paint mask

  • Manually painted masks
  • Automatic interpolation between masks
  • Mask shapes (circle, rectangle, polygon)
  • Area masking based on luminance (grey level) range
  • Luminance painting

Luminance mask

  • Volume masking based on luminance range
  • Pixel sampling for automatic selection of luminance thresholds
  • Selection of connected regions
  • Region filling using flood or convex hull algorithms
  • Option to define an image pre-filter (average, median, dilate etc)
  • Definition of Region Of Interest
  • Mask dilation and erosion

RT Structure mask

  • Selection of RT Structure of interest
  • Conversion of the selected RT Structure closed polygons to masked areas
  • Possibility of multiple separate regions per slice


  • Mask dilation, erosion, opening and closing
  • 2D (disk, square, line, half-line) or 3D (sphere, cube) structuring elements
  • Shell creation

Region statistics

  • Count of isolated areas or volumes
  • Ability to export the number of pixels/voxels per region

Colour maps

  • View images with colour maps
  • Choose from preset maps or edit to suit

Mask inversion

  • Inversion of the current mask (unmasked areas become masked and vice versa).

Apply mask

  • Ability to define the mask luminance and transparency
  • Option to apply multiple masks


  • Option to apply one or more filters
  • Filters available include: Average, Disk, Gaussian, Median, Wiener, Laplacian, Laplacian of Gaussian (LoG), Unsharp, Range, Standard deviation, Entropy, Image dilate, Erode, Open and Close.

Otsu filter

  • Automatic segmentation of image or volume
  • Ability to select the number of classes

Measure distance

  • Ability to measure linear distance between points defined on a slice or on multiple slices

Measure area and volume

  • Measurement of masked area
  • Measurement of masked volume


  • Ability to rotate image in Transverse, Sagittal and Coronal views


  • Send image or 3D volume to external program for processing
  • Receive processed image or 3D volume